Stand for resilience and transparency

Anjana Shyamnath | Candidate for SIPASA General Secretary

In today’s challenging times, as we move ahead on an uncertain path after the US elections, it is this diverse Seeples community that is going to give strength, support and be along with each of us in our journey forward.  In these testing times, I intend to represent each of you as the General Secretary of our student body in fulfilling our joint aspirations for collective improvement in student activities and SIPASA which is continuously treading on a path of positive development of student life and student rights. I believe my tenure of 7 years in public service on a national level, where my duties included understanding diverse hopes to frame accommodative policies and action plans will help me in serving our diverse student community. As the General Secretary, my aim would be to broaden the scope of activities of SIPASA while strengthening the current positive aspects of their working domain. SIPASA should resonate as an echo of the voice of the student community, an inclusive body to act upon the aspirations and feedback of the students.

In this direction, I have few strategies of which first would be to efficiently tap on the huge resource base of Alumni for providing job, mentoring and internship opportunities to SIPA students, a platform similar to DP Connect for all the other concentrations of the School; secondly, an interactive platform where students can flag their expectations and suggestions which SIPASA would take forward to SIPA administration and benefits of common utilities, funding for overseas internship/project opportunities for SIPA students.

I bring to you not just the aspirations but the promise and ways to deliver, to make SIPASA more accountable, transparent and in turn create institutional memory which would be our collective legacy for the future generations. I want to dedicate my experience not only as a public servant & Central Banker but also as an active leader of student unions at my University wherein I strived for student excellence by providing them more opportunities through student body to this journey.Accepting limitations in each role, if we aspire and work collectively, we minimize our limitations and I would play that role for strong coherence among SIPASA units and SIPA for working our way through any odds so that we all have something to celebrate and cherish from our SIPA experience.


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