Who wants to be your next Secretary General?

captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-14-a-las-10-05-52What is the secret in every successful administration? The answer is effective communication.

If the members of a board hear from each other and agree on relevant topics, then they will probably move on with their projects. Ever wondered who is in charge of making this happen in SIPASA? This is the task of the Secretary General.

Do you know who is running for the post? Meet the two candidates:

Jennifer Gennaro

Q: Why is SIPASA relevant for students?

A: As a student organization, SIPASA is the intermediary between us and the administration and it also is the way we coordinate with different student groups to make sure that we are reaching students at all levels, to make sure that not just we are having the social events that help us along the way when we have exams, but also to ensure that we have the opportunities to ensure that we take what we are learning an apply it in a social setting and in a more practical way.

Q: Why should students vote in the SIPASA elections?

A: Students should vote because it’s the way you have your voice heard. SIPASA was created by students to serve students and you can erve the students unless the students are giving us their full voice.

Anjana Shyamnath

Q: Why is SIPASA relevant for students?

A: In this time of challenges and uncertainty after the US election, SIPASA becomes more relevant for students. We have to make sure our voices are heard, and our feedback –as well as our suggestions– are taken into account. When we work together for the fulfilment of our own aspirations, we are at the rise. It is not possible that each of us reach out to the management or the administration, after all we come from such a diverse, multicultural background that makes it too difficult. SIPASA is going to be the voice of the students, the way to voice our opinions, our needs and suggestions.

Q: Why should students vote in the SIPASA elections?

A: We live in a democracy and as democracy needs to be, the majority of us needs to vote. Otherwise a person can win with 30 percent of the votes. Of course the SIPA existing board has tried to reduce that bottleneck by introducing the new system, where you will have the proportional voting system. But then, I feel each link is important, each vote is important and let the person who is being elected come with the majority support and if you don’t vote, if you don’t get involved, how will your aspirations and needs be taken care of?



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